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Chili sesame sauce

Sesame Sauce
This product is another type of sesame sauce that including chili pepper in addition of main ingredients of sesame sauce like sesame paste (Tahini), that within the desirable spicy taste, increase the amount of vitamin C and antioxidant properties. Chili sesame sauce can be served with a kind of grilled dishes, steaks, fried foods like French fries , macaroni , lasagna and any type of sandwich.
Nutrition Facts Table
Calories per 100 grams of food 230 Kilocal
Calories per equivalent food share(15grams) 34.5 Kilocal
Calories obtained form fat per 100 gram food 137.7 Kilocal
Calories obtained from fat per every equivalent share of food(15grams) 20.7 Kilocal
Nutrient Daily Value in every 100 grams Quantity in each share of food(15grams)
Total Fat / Gram 23 2/3
Saturated fatty acid / gram 4 0.4
Trans fatty acid / gram 0 0
Cholesterol / mil gram 0 0
Alcohol Carbohydrate / mil gram 2/3 2/3
Sugar / gram 0 1/5
diet fiber / gram 0 0
Sodium / mil gram 30 100
Protein / gram 13 10
Vitamin A 0 0
Vitamin C 0 0
Calcium 10
Ferrus 3
* The percentage of value requirment is based on 2000 calorie diet. The amount of daily value depends on your need of energy which could be higher or ower than this amount.
Product Name National Barcode GS1 barcode Package Material Wieght Of Unit (Grams) Number Of Units In A Pack Number Of Units In A Box Gross Weight Of A Box (Kg) Net Weight Of A Box (Kg) Expiration Period (Months) Box Length (mm) Box Width (mm) Box height (mm) Box volume (cm^3)
Chili sesame sauce 0165100000890004 6260008900359 PET 400 - 12 5.7 4.8 6 236 185 238 10391