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600-gram Tahini

600-gram Tahini
Tahini is a product obtained from grinding skinless and roasted sesame which keeps all nutrition of sesame and also adds a great taste and adds nutritional value to different food products. Tahini can be used as a meal all by itself or with a sweetener such as sugar syrup or grape syrup. Additionally, Tahini can be used as a material in different kinds of food, sweets, halva, cookie, cake, Tahini sauce or humus. Turning into a two-phased product is a natural thing that happens to pure Tahini and simply it can turn to its normal look by shaking the bottle.
Nutrition Facts Table
Calories per 100 grams of food 533.3 Kilocal
Calories per equivalent food share(30grams) 160 Kilocal
Calories obtained form fat per 100 gram food 421 Kilocal
Calories obtained from fat per every equivalent share of food(30grams) 126.3 Kilocal
Nutrient Daily Value in every 100 grams Quantity in each share of food(30grams)
Total Fat / Gram 92.3 18
Saturated fatty acid / gram 66.7 4
Trans fatty acid / gram 0 0
Cholesterol / mil gram 0 0
Alcohol Carbohydrate / mil gram 2.3 2
Sugar / gram 0 0
diet fiber / gram 0 0
Sodium / mil gram 63 45
Protein / gram 47 7
Vitamin A 0 0
Vitamin C 0 0
Calcium 20 0
Ferrus 267 0
* The percentage of value requirment is based on 2000 calorie diet. The amount of daily value depends on your need of energy which could be higher or ower than this amount.
Product Name National Barcode GS1 barcode Package Material Wieght Of Unit (Grams) Number Of Units In A Pack Number Of Units In A Box Gross Weight Of A Box (Kg) Net Weight Of A Box (Kg) Expiration Period (Months) Box Length (mm) Box Width (mm) Box height (mm) Box volume (cm^3)
600-gram Tahini 0162810000890022 6260008905026 PET 600 - 12 8.1 7.2 7 345 259 125 11169