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About Oghab Holding

Oghab holding is consisted of 5 different companies which aim to advance and improve the activities of holding in Iran, middle east and so many other parts of the world for more than 70 years as the leader and pioneer of this industry.
Oghab holding is consisted of finance, Human resources, system, strategy, design and quality departments and provide services for the main and subordinate companies.
The responsibility of finance department is to evaluate all the developmental projects of subordinate companies, supervise the financial and managerial data of subordinate companies and set the relationship between the holding and governmental partners.
The responsibility of human resource department is to codify and implement the human resource standards in all of the aspects of subordinate companies.
The responsibility of design and quality department is comprehensive monitoring of quality and design of products and development of production companies and laboratories and also to facilitate the collaboration and the supervision of the relationship between distribution and clinic companies.
Finally, in order to manage the internal efforts and conclude data to make the decision-making easier, the system and strategy department codifies the mission statement, goals and policies for all of the holding companies and manages all the information to make this happen.

1)Oghab production company, Producer of sesame-based products

Sesame is the queen of oil seeds as mentioned in lots of papers. That might be because of the fact that it has a lot of nutrition, medical use and variety of products.
As Oghab believes in the usefulness of this God-given gift, this company, as the oldest and greatest company with sesame-based products has tried to harvest this valuable seed for more than 70 years now and tries to add more new products every day.
From 1944, Oghab has been the market leader in its industry and has enhanced its export share to neighbor countries and other countries every year and has played an undeniable role in Iran’s export share.
Oghab production company uses the newest technologies and up to date standards to produce its products in several different categories: halva group, sesame group, sesame cream group, sesame sauce group, tahini group and sesame oil group.
Oghab production group tries to continue this 7-decade development and enhance its level of activities and product varieties in Iran and other countries every day and to make the country proud.

2)Oghab distribution Company, Distributor of food and sanitary products

Oghab distribution company has been established on the back of 60 years of experience coming from Oghab halva company and with a scientific approach. In every step of forming Oghab distribution unique features have been a priority. One of these differences is the scientific approach in organization’s strategic management. In strategic management system mission statement, organization’s objectives and each department’s strategies and also operational objectives and plans which are aligned with organization objectives are defined. The second difference is that Oghab distribution company tries to implement a systematic approach and instead of depending on skills it tries to apply a systematic attitude to the processes in order to achieve its strategic objectives. One of the other scientific symbols of Oghab distribution company is its marketing and market research department. In the planning process of forming this department it has been established that this department acts as the brains of the company. All of the sales development activities of the organization is based on scientific analysis and accurate field studies done by this department. Furthermore, Oghab distribution company covers more than 20000 customers directly in Tehran and more than 180 representatives in other cities.
Oghab distribution company main activity is to distribute supermarket products. All of the Oghab distribution company’s activities are aligned with the comprehensive strategic management program and are aligned with Oghab holding’s objectives.
All of the activities of this company are based on scientific approach and constant improvement of management system of the organization and in order to make that happen all of those mentioned activities are planned and implemented according to comprehensive strategic management system with the help of ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 10002:2004 standards.

Oghab distribution website

3) Oghab laboratory, Provider of professional laboratory services for food industry

Certified for accredited partner laboratory from Iran national standard organization with the registration number T/908 and ISO IAC 17025 from Iran national accreditation center with the registration number NACI/LAB/454.
Oghab halva company has established a 200 square meter laboratory with hi-tech equipment and suitable management system with the aim of producing high quality products and enhancing customers’ satisfaction and also providing other food industry companies with laboratorial services. This laboratory is consisted of laboratory office, chemical analysis laboratory, microbiology laboratory, special equipment section, sensory evaluation section and specimen-keeping section which are all designed and built based on scientific basis (Good Laboratory Processes (GLP)). Furthermore, with quality management system applied in the laboratory based on ISO/IEC17025:2005 international standard and also with the technical ability of the company, this laboratory is able to do accurate food and microbiology analysis tests.
With doing all the aforementioned activities and also holding training courses this laboratory is able to do all the chemical and microbiological tests and so this laboratory obtained the certificates of Accredited labs and national standard organization colleague with registration number of T/908 in flavor, confectionary and drink products in 2008. Furthermore, the suitable collaboration of this laboratory with national standard organization made it the chosen laboratory from this organization in 2011.
This laboratory is ready to cooperate with the companies working in flavor, confectionary and chocolate and drinks area and also standard offices in all Iranian organizations in order to do chemical and microbiological tests with accurate and accepted results.

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4)Daneh Gostar Khuzestan Company, Sesame oil producer

The variety of sesame and the ecological territory and also the vast adaptability domain of it, has made a collection of genetic characteristics in sesame. Therefore to plant and harvest sesame, there should be and accurate control over the genetic characteristics. The biggest obstacle of planting sesame is the shortage of appropriate field with convenient water system for the growth of plant and the lack of industrial machinery for harvesting of it. Often, sesame grows in tropical and subtropical areas. The cultivation area of sesame in the world is close 7.78 million hectares.
India has been the greatest producer of sesame in the world for years and China, Iran, Venezuela, Mexico and … come next.
In Iran planting and harvesting of sesame is being done in 16 provinces in an approximately 50 thousand hectares area. The most important provinces for cultivation of sesame in Iran are Khuzestan, Khorasan, Fars and Kerman. The most cultivated area belongs to Khuzestan with approximately 10 Thousand hectares.
Khuzestan province and especially Dezfoul city has the best climate to grow this valuable seed because of the location and weather traits. Therefore, Daneh Gostar Khuzestan company was established in 1994 to provide the materials for Oghab production company.
Nowadays Oghab holding has concentrated the production of its oily products in Daneh Gostar Khuzestan and it is possible because of the fact that Oghab has the hi-tech machinery for production of sesame-based products and also hires experts in this field.
The products of Daneh Gostar company have an special place in oghab’s basket of goods due to high national and international standard which helps the health of the society.

5)Ghadir-e-Khom Clinic, Provider of limited health services

Ghadir-e-Khom clinic was established by the late Seyed Jalil Naseri with the aim of providing health services for the poor. The construction of this clinic began in 1991 and it started to provide health service in 1995. The clinic is located of Ghasroddasht street in Tehran.
This clinic is a charity clinic and due to the will of the late Seyed Jalil Naseri all the services are being provided with 25% discount of average prices in health care business.
After the death of Mr. Naseri, his family continued to support the clinic and have always offered whatever they could to maintain and develop this center. In line with these good intentions, in 2015 and after 20 years of continued servicing of the poor, the board of trustees (The children of the late Seyed Jalil Naseri) decided to rebuild and update the clinic and its facilities and to do so standardizing the building and applying both clinical governance and customer-satisfactory-based services was first on agenda. Also quality management system was applied to standardize the the administrative processes. This clinic has the most hi-tech and modern facilities and is contracted with all health insurance companies like public health insurance, Social services, Armed forces, Imam Khomeini help committee and banks and offers a variety of services like general health care services, Internal health services, surgery, dental, dermal, feminine, cardiovascular services and also ophthalmology, orology, orthopedics, ENT, pediatrician, hematology, neurology, injections and wound dressings.
This center offers para clinic services such as cardiographs, echocardiographs, sporting tests, pap smear, circumcision, EEG, Ear cleaning, Sole tooth radiography, stiches, spirometry and etc.
We believe our endeavor is based on two principles: respect and reverence. Respect towards our beloved customers and reverence towards our medical team and personnel. We do our best efforts in both matters to understand better and respond to every need and demand that comes around.