Since 1940

About Oghab


Oghab halva company was established in 1944 by the late Seyed Jalil Naseri and started its activity in a small workshop in Shahre-Rey by producing halva. After a while and due to developmental reasons the company switched to a larger place in Shahryar in suburbs of Tehran which is approximately 20000 square meters. In 1999 Mr. Seyed Jalal Naseri became the manager of the company and at the same time quality check systems ISO9001-2008 and new departments were established at the company which led the development process (including new products, technical and technological development and quality control laboratory services) into a new chapter. These developments have turned Oghab halva company into one of the oldest and greatest companies in sesame-based products in Iran. Oghab company is using its knowledge and experience and hires the best experts in food industry to produce traditional sesame-based products in an industrial, high quality and global standard way with eye-catching packaging. Oghab products are now available in both domestic and international markets and are being sold in more than 30 countries in the world.


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