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حلوا ارده با مغز پسته - حلوای عقاب

Sugar halva is made by mixing tahini with the syrup obtained from baking sugar and glucose which has been totally mixed after adding flavors like cardamom and vanilla and finally cooled down to make a threaded-like solid shape. Due to the fact that at least 50% of the weight of Halva-Tahini is Tahini (grinded sesame), This product has got all the valuable characteristics of this oily seed. This product, has all of these three energetic substances in a reasonable proportion which includes protein, fat and carbohydrate compounds and therefore is a valuable source of energy.
Oghab company has been active for more than 50 years in the field of producing different kinds of Halva-Tahini with the highest quality in different tastes such as normal, sesame, filled, with grape and date syrup and sugarless. Oghab sugarless Halva-Tahini is a product that uses natural sweeteners like sorbitol and maltitol which are also known as fruit sugar instead of sugar and glucose which forms an appropriate fiber and also a soft sweet taste. This kind of sweetener has got a low glycemic index which allows diabetic people to use it.

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