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Honey Cinnamon Sesame
Sesame group

Honey Cinnamon Sesame

Rich in nutritional and therapeutic properties for all age groups

This product is prepared only from a mixture of three natural compounds of sesame, honey and cinnamon and has all the nutritional and therapeutic properties of these compounds. This healthy product has no additives, added sugar or other sweeteners and can be used as a very nutritious snack for all age groups.

کنجد عسلی دارچینی
کنجد عسلی دارچینی

Cinnamon honey sesame 20 g

Product Specifications
National Barcode 0113310000890023
GS1 Barcode 6260008900724
Package Material Cellphone
Wieght Of Unit 20 germs
Number Of Units In A Pack 24
Number Of Units In A Box 96
Gross Weight Of A Box 2 Kg
Net Weight Of A Box 1/92 Kg
Expiration Period 9 Mounths
Box dimensions 297×232×100 mm
Box volume 6890/4 cm^3
Total number of box in the pallet 105

Nutrition Facts Table

تعداد سهم در هر بسته 1
اندازه سهم 20 گرم
مقدار در هر سهم
انرژی 105 کیلوکالری
% مقدار مرجع ماده غذایی (NRV) اطلاعات تغذیه ای
** چربی کل / گرم 7/2
** کربوهیدرات کل / گرم 8/6
** قند / گرم 6
5/2 پروتئین / گرم 2/6
موارد ذیل نباید زیاد مصرف شود:
6 اسید چرب اشباع / گرم 1/2
* اسید چرب ترانس / گرم 0
0/8 سدیم / میلی گرم 18
اسیداروسیک / گرم
* The percentage of value requirment is based on 2000 calorie diet. The amount of daily value depends on your need of energy which could be higher or ower than this amount.
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