Since 1940

Sesame Oil Group

Sesame oil has got the most resistance and endurance between all eatable oils with high percentage of non-saturated fat. Because of the type of lignin and natural anti-oxidants existing in this oil, it has a high tolerance against anti-oxidants and therefore has got valuable physiological characteristics. The complex of fatty acids of sesame oil is in a way that makes it usable for all three purposes of oil: frying, Cooking and salads.
Oghab company as the best producer of sesame oil in Iran is producing super-pure sesame oil with cold press method after filtering in order to separate suspended particles to deliver a great taste and exceptional quality to the consumers. In this method due to acquiring low heat, the change that happens in the components and nutrition of the oil is at the lowest level and therefore a totally pure oil with light yellow color, shiny and with great smell and taste will be produced because it doesn’t need any further purifying. Oghab sesame oil is being produced in two types of packaging: 250-gram for family use and 16 kilogram for food industry factories, confectionaries and restaurants.