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Tahini is one of the products that obtains from sesame. In traditional medicine Tahini has been called by the name of “Rahshi” and is defined as skinless roasted sesame that has been pulverized which comes in liquid form and its oil hasn’t been withdrawn. Tahini is obtained from skinless sesame which has been pulverized and contains its oil and it comes in creamy-yellowish color and is used to make halva. Tahini is a complete nutrient on its own and can be used as a meal especially breakfast. In the past due to absence of sugar Tahini-Syrup was more popular. Normally, Tahini-Syrup is a combination of grape syrup and sesame dough. Some people consumed Tahini with date or date syrup. If Tahini is used with grape syrup, date syrup or date itself it will have a sweeter taste and will also bring more energy to the body so if we can include this edible in our breakfast, we can assure we can get enough energy and nutrition. Oghab company as the best brand of sesame-based products especially Tahini and halva is producing the best Tahini with great quality for more than 70 years now and it comes in two different packages: 600-gram package for family usage and 20-kilogram package for confectionaries, restaurants and factories.

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