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Tahini and Juice
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Tahini and Juice

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This product has a good ratio of ardeh (600 g) and date juice (450 g) which is produced in separate and hygienic packaging with the highest quality. This completely natural and nutritious product can be used as a nutritious and complete meal for all age groups.

ارده و شیره

Tahini and Juice

Product Details
National Barcode0162810000890002
GS1 Barcode6260008900311
Package MaterialPET
Wieght Of Unit1050 germs
Number Of Units In A Pack-
Number Of Units In A Box6
Gross Weight Of A Box6.85 Kg
Net Weight Of A Box6.3 Kg
Expiration Period7 months
Box dimensions278×258×122 mm
Box volume8750 cm^3
Total number of box in the pallet60

Nutrition Facts Table

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Calories per 100 grams of food 576 Kilocal
Calories per equivalent food share(30grams) 173 Kilocal
Calories obtained form fat per 100 gram food 405 Kilocal
Calories obtained from fat per every equivalent share of food(30grams) 121.5 Kilocal
Nutrient Daily Value in every 100 grams Quantity in each share of food(30grams)
Total Fat / Gram 69.2 13.5
Saturated fatty acid / gram 35.6 2.1
Trans fatty acid / gram 0 0
Cholesterol / mil gram 0 0
Alcohol Carbohydrate / mil gram 9.7 9
Sugar / gram7.6
diet fiber / gram00
Sodium / mil gram537
Protein / gram274
Vitamin A00
Vitamin C00
* The percentage of value requirment is based on 2000 calorie diet. The amount of daily value depends on your need of energy which could be higher or ower than this amount.
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