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Sugarless Halva-Tahini

Sugarless Halva-Tahini
This product uses natural sweeteners like sorbitol and maltitol which are also known as fruit sugar instead of sugar and glucose which forms an appropriate fiber and also a soft sweet taste. This kind of sweetener has got a low glycemic index which allows diabetic people to use it and does not cause rapid rise of blood sugar. Therefore, sugarless Halva-Tahini is a nutrient product which keeps all of the suitable characteristics of sesame and also can be used for all of the customers including diabetic people.
Nutrition Facts Table
Calories per 100 grams of food 466.6 Kilocal
Calories per equivalent food share(30grams) 140 Kilocal
Calories obtained form fat per 100 gram food 297 Kilocal
Calories obtained from fat per every equivalent share of food(30grams) 89.1 Kilocal
Nutrient Daily Value in every 100 grams Quantity in each share of food(30grams)
Total Fat / Gram 51.3 10
Saturated fatty acid / gram 41.7 2.5
Trans fatty acid / gram 0 0
Cholesterol / mil gram 0 0
Alcohol Carbohydrate / mil gram 1 1
Sugar / gram - 0
diet fiber / gram 0 0
Sodium / mil gram 2.7 20
Protein / gram 27 4
Vitamin A 0 0
Vitamin C 0 0
Calcium 13 13
Ferrus 100 0
* The percentage of value requirment is based on 2000 calorie diet. The amount of daily value depends on your need of energy which could be higher or ower than this amount.
Product Name National Barcode GS1 barcode Package Material Wieght Of Unit (Grams) Number Of Units In A Pack Number Of Units In A Box Gross Weight Of A Box (Kg) Net Weight Of A Box (Kg) Expiration Period (Months) Box Length (mm) Box Width (mm) Box height (mm) Box volume (cm^3)
Sugarless Halva-Tahini 250Grams 0162810000089047 6260008904913 P.P 250 - 24 6.9 6 18 308 208 215 13774