Since 1940

Sesame Sauce Group

Sesame sauce is a useful product and it is obtained from grinded sesame (Tahini) with desirable smell and taste which can be used with different kinds of Iranian and foreign food and salads.
Oghab credible company with more than half century of experience in production of sesame-based products tries to enhance Iranian families’ level of health and to achieve that purpose Oghab is producing sesame sauce with the highest level of quality. This product does not contain egg and therefore is considered a diet sauce and people with high blood pressure and cholesterol can safely use it. Oghab sesame sauce has great nutrient characteristics and has sesame oil in its recipe. This product has great smell and taste and can be used in different kinds of salad and food such as stake, fried food like nugget, chicken and shrimp, cutlet, falafel and etc .

فلافل هویج با سس کنجد
حمایت شرکت حلوای عقاب از بیماران سرطانی